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I used to think I just had “bad hair”. It had the odd bend and kink in it. Little did I know, my unhealthy hair was truly wavy and curly! Through my healthy hair journey, I have come to embrace the hair I have been “fearfully and wonderfully made with”.

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"To those considering getting the product guide/bundle on her website, Do it! Seriously! I was hesitant at first because I wasn't sure if it would be something I would look at one or two times and not get my money's worth, but I've spent literal hours referencing the product guide alone. It's insanely detailed and also formatted to be easily read. It is very organized and there are pictures of each product so you can more easily find it in store if you want it. She also has it set up that each product has a link attached that sends you to a website where it is available for even more ease. I've even opened the file up at the store when picking out products. To share how helpful the product guide is, one example is shampoo x (we'll say x so I don't reveal any of her content) has a high level of fragrance and also protein. So if you are sensitive to fragrance or if you already have a balanced protein routine, you can steer clear. Or if those two things meet your needs/preferences, it works that way too. I can safely say that the product guide has saved me from hours of discouragement and heartache from failed wash days because certain products' properties didn't work for my hair. And also saved me money and prevented wasted products. I saw so many products that come highly recommended by some that would have really not worked for me and I would have been confused thinking I was doing something wrong when in actuality the product just isn't for me. Another example is some products contain glycerin, which contributes to frizz in certain climates, and you may not know it and continually have major frizz days and just think that there's no hope. I also want to say that I wasn't asked to say any of this and I purchased the package with my own money. I just really am grateful for the hours of research put into the product guide and how much time and effort it has saved me. You can tell the care and hours and hours of work put into it and the other wonderful things in the bundle. She also has a very thorough wash day log that helps you observe how different products and styling habits impact your hair. I'm very excited to start using that on my next wash day. There are other things in the bundle but it really is worth at least checking out the details about it on her site but again, I say get it. Even if you're new to your curly journey, it's set up so it's understandable to everyone. But yeah, just a genuine review and recommendation. :)"
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